About Athens

Welcome to Athens, the oldest city in Europe, one of Europe’s liveliest cities

The city, crowned with Acropolis, has many significant ancient sites linked in what has become Europe’s longest and most amazing pedestrian promenade. This archaeological park has connected past and present, with the city’s cultural and social life once again taking place around the ancient monuments and surrounding neighbourhoods.
If you want to see where Europe was born, start with the Acropolis and then proceed to Herodion, Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Tower of Winds, Hadrian’s Arch and Library, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Theatre of Dionysus, Filopappos Hill, Pnyx Hill and Areios Pagos, Lysicrates Monument and Kerameikos Cemetary.
Athens has much more!!! Byzantine churches and Monasteries, historical buildings, more than 40 museums, the list is endless and you certainly won’t get bored!
Apart of the Historical Center, visitors will be impressed with Athenian relaxed lifestyle, where people take time out for endless coffees, dine out until late and enjoy the city’s nightlife, long after the rest of Europe has gone to bed.
In May, weather in Athens is perfect for dinners in outdoor restaurants, hanging out in cafes and going to the local beaches, from Pireaus to Sounion. There are a lot of long open sandy beaches or small ones with rocks where you can swim or some beaches between Saronida and Anavissos that are popular among the windsurfers.
You can also just take the tram to Faliro (Flisvos, Trokantero) and enjoy an evening stroll or take a bus tour to visit Sounio (Temple of Poseidon) and enjoy the magnificent view to the Aegean.
If you are a shopaholic you can find anything you want, from department Stores and top brands to spices and handmade sandals, just in the center of Athens, around the Syntagma Square and Monastiraki.

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